Inspiration Spring 2021: David Hockney

Mystic Botanical, David Hockney, & Peaceful Isolation

Fresh & clean botanicals, aquatic florals, green undertones and top notes. Spring 2021 is all about being refreshing, ethereal and finding peace in being still.

c. David Hockney

I was inspired for this season first by David Hockney and 1960's-inspired California art. Mid century minimalist lines, greenhouse tones mixed with desert aquatic colors, and the idea of a fresh crisp breeze in the morning. And drew upon that inspiration by adding watercolor tones, a couple bright floral tones to keep the vintage-y vibe of relaxing poolside.

c. David Hockney

Experimenting with brights + aquatics is an interesting concept to me, so incorporating things like bold corals with aquatic brights, nudes, greens and gold to create contrast has been a big focus.

c. David Hockney


I'm also playing with lots of greens in both scent and coloring. There's such a wide spectrum of beautiful green shades to play with, and soft sages with classic Kelly green and moss coloring is a definite draw for me. Scent wise, oak moss, lotus blossom, greenhouse-reminiscent scents all are big incorporation into this season.


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